11 Best Places To Get Married in the United States

reehouse point destination wedding washington



haiku mill destination wedding in the usa


An ancient sugar plantation resplendent with gardenia and jasmine. The open courtyard reveals the beauty of the tropical sky and surrounding vista.

reehouse point destination wedding washington


A real tree-house nestled in a real forest! It even offers (limited!) accommodations for wedding guests! Say your vows high in the sky in this unique spot for a wedding day to remember, and one that your grandchildren will want to hear about time and time again.

malibu rocky oaks destination wedding


Say your “I do”s on a mountain top in the Santa Monica mountains surrounded by lush vineyards. Have your wedding or rehearsal dinner served poolside with a 360° view of the Santa Monica mountains.

THORNCROWN CHAPEl destination wedding location


A beautiful glass cathedral located in the middle of the woods, surrounded by nature in all her splendor. The chapel seats 100 guests.

race and religious destination wedding new orleans


Two 1830’s era masonry homes combine to make up this unique indoor/outdoor venue. It can accommodate up to 300 guests. Old world Louisiana charm at it’s best.

metropolitan wedding new york destination


The French-inspired decor of this museum/art house offers two floors of various themed rooms to choose from to create your ideal event setting. The photo ops alone make this a perfect choice.

bridal cave destination wedding missouri


Get married in an actual cave steeped in Native American lore. Lovers who enter this cave are said to build a special bond that is blessed and will never be broken.

pearsons pond alaska destination wedding


How amazing and unique would it be to marry atop an actual glacier where everyone even has to wear special cleated shoes so as not to slip and slide off? You and your guests must arrive via helicopter. This wedding venue will be the talk of your friends for years to come!

Volcanoes National Wedding Destination


Get married at this ancient site overlooking a live volcano, Kiluea Caldera, with lava plumes wispy and visible against the sky. Of course there is no real danger as the volcano has not erupted in decades, but the atmosphere and locale are charming and one of the most unique in the world.

las vegas destination wedding


Sorry, no Captain Jack Sparrow available on this pirate ship, but your rings are delivered during the ceremony by a pirate who swings in from the ship’s mast, and the wedding service is conducted by the ship’s pirate captain!

belvedere castle new york destination wedding


This charming castle was built in 1869 and offers a panoramic view of Central Park and the world-renown New York City skyline. Originally intended to be a “Victorian folly”, a fantasy creation meant simply to be enjoyed for it’s view and backdrops, it has become a popular wedding spot.

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The 11 Most Amazing Wedding Sites In The World

italy wedding

jamaica wedding

  1. JAMAICA: Beautiful, exotic Jamaica boasts many resorts which provide inexpensive wedding options for travelers. One very popular and unique ceremony spot is The Caves, where a couple can take their vows inside a beautiful limestone cave. For those who prefer a more traditional destination-by-the-sea, sandals resort has recently partnered with Martha Stewart to offer wedding packages with a touch of class and refinement.

caribbean wedding

  1. THE CARIBBEAN: The islands of the Caribbean include St, Martin’s, St. Lucia, Turks and Caicos, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands. A favorite wedding site is Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman Island. Sparkling-sand beaches, crystal waters, quaint shops, restaurants and nightlife make this a perfect wedding destination spot.

italy wedding

  1. ITALY: With the Isle of Capri, Lake Como, The Pantheon and the Colosseum of Rome, and Florence’s Uffizi Gallery to choose from as dream wedding destination backdrops, Italy offers something for everyone, from picture-perfect lush countryside settings to sunset ceremonies overlooking the sea that will call to mind the view of the Gods on Mt. Olympus.

costa rica wedding

  1. COSTA RICA: At the Four Seasons Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo, a couple can choose from ceremony sites from white-sand beaches to perfectly manicured and scenic golf courses to beautifully appointed lawns. One unique feature chosen by many as a spot to exchange vows is the indoor/outdoor El Armadillo, which is shaped like the shell of an armadillo!

bar harbor main wedding

  1. BAR HARBOR, MAINE: Coastal, golden-sand beaches give way to rugged shoreline and sapphire waters are dotted with rustic lighthouses and scenic locations such as Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island, where a couple can exchange vows on cliffs overlooking ocean spots popular for whale watching, swimming, clam bakes, bonfires, etc.

park city utah wedding

  1. PARK CITY, UTAH: Known as ‘Ski Town USA’, this charming little town calls to mind the Swiss Alps. Located only 40 minutes from Salt Lake City, this is a perfect locale for a destination wedding with out-of-town guests. Boasting three world-class ski resorts, there is no more perfect spot for a cozy wedding and honeymoon getaway.

lake placid new york wedding

  1. LAKE PLACID, NEW YORK: If you are considering a winter wedding, this Alpine village nestled in the Andirondacks is the perfect destination. If a Fall wedding is more to your liking, the kaleidoscope of colors nature paints the foliage with will take your breath away and make the perfect backdrop for unforgettable wedding photos, and memories.

ireland wedding

  1. IRELAND: Fairy-tale castles, lush green hills and countryside, beautiful seaside villages combine dwith the legendary charm and hospitality of the Irish people. Rife with age-old traditions and symbolism particularly on the subject of marriage, there simply is no more romantic place to declare your lifelong love and devotion to one another.

australia destination wedding

  1. AUSTRALIA: A unique and adventurous choice of location for your nuptials. So many site choices for a memorable wedding experience, everything from cities bustling with the friendly, always-ready-for-a-celebration Australian people to rugged, untouched countryside, to the picturesque legendary Great Barrier Reef. Make the days leading up to or following your special day even more memorable by adding snorkeling or scuba diving or visits to some of Australia’s world-famous zoos, or Kangaroo Island to enjoy the wildlife in its natural setting.

new zealand destination wedding

  1. NEW ZEALAND: Australia’s “sister country” that contains some of the most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes in the world. Great Barrier Island with it’s natural springs and wildlife is a favorite spot as well as the snow-capped beauty of the Southern Alps with their unique waterside canyons. Another favorite destination is Waiheke Island, resplendent with jewel-toned vineyards and olive groves.

mayan temple destination wedding

  1. THE MAYAN TEMPLE AT BELIZE (BELIZE, CENTRAL AMERICA): A breathtaking site for a wedding. This 3,000 year old Mayan temple pulses with ancient energies and mystery. The wedding ceremony can be conducted by an authentic Mayan Shaman. Picture yourselves taking your vows as the sun sets atop this beautiful, ancient monument.


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10 Most Romantic Places to Get Married in Hollywood, CA

hungtington library


When your wedding finally arrives, you want to experience the most beautiful romantic day of your life. Here is a list of the 10 most romantic places to get married in Hollywood, CA:

vatican banquet hall

  1. The Vatican Banquet Hall -This elegant banquet hall will provide excellence all the way around, from the bride and groom to the guests. The architectural design of the building is quite amazing from the inside out. Professional wait staff is available to serve cuisine to the crowd. It has a new stage and a beautiful granite dance floor.

Lombardi House Los Angeles

  1. Lombardi House -This 5-star rated romantic place is just perfect for weddings. There are dedicated staf for serving your guests. Professional wedding videography available. Choose your theme, style or emotion in this romantic setting. Beautiful green landscape surrounds this Bed & Breakfast.

The redbury

  1. The Redbury -This is a stunning 5-star rated hotel. It offers vibrant colors for a unique ceremony. This hotel is located in the heart of Hollywood and staff offers superb hospitality. It is a fine luxury hotel for a wedding, honeymoon or romantic get-away.

greystone park mansion

  1. Greystone Park and Mansion -There are terraces overlooking the city. Catering services provide excellent food. Absolutely beautiful and parking is free.

dream wedding and banquet hall

  1. Dream Wedding and Banquet Hall – This place is gorgeous and the lighting is perfect for wedding pictures. Amazing flower arrangements and beautiful decor. Serves delicious buffet style food. Underground parking available for no fee. Provides perfect wedding experiences.

park plaza hotel los angeles

  1. Park Plaza Hotel – This romantic place should be at the top of the list. It has beautiful architecture and breathtaking decor. Has a spacious dance floor and relaxing environment. Experience the 1920s interior decor for your wedding. It is just one amazing romantic place to have a memorable wedding.

Royal Palace Banquet Hall

  1. Royal Palace Banquet Hall -Outside Middle Eastern catering is available here. Offers a very elegant wedding venue. Extremely romantic atmosphere, full stocked alcohol bar, and valet parking.

gourmet celebrations

  1. Gourmet Celebrations – Offers an excellent event coordinator and serves amazingly delicious food for large or small crowds. Provides experienced and friendly wait staff, and bartenders. Provides decorations to match themes. Includes slider-bar and buffet style tables.

Bluebell Events

  1. Bluebell Events – Professional and hard working team for wedding planning. Professional and very organized while at the same times provides breathtaking decor. Beautiful cake decorations and a romantic relaxing environment.

vibiana los angeles

  1. Vibiana – The courtyard offers natural beauty. Beautiful venue, high ceilings and a lovely outside patio. Includes professional wedding planners, delicious food for the crowd. Valet service available. The architecture is absolutely stunning for the exterior and interior as well.


Planning a trip to Hollywood to get married? Choose one of the most finest and romantic places to share your memorable experience. You will not want to leave, but when you do, you will take back memories for a lifetime for that very special day.

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Coolest photograph spots in LA

Flower fields in Carlsbad


Star-gazing and shopping might be what tourism in Los Angeles is famous for, but that’s certainly not all it offers visitors, especially the shutterbugs among us.

You’ll be hard-pressed to choose your muse in LA, which has many hidden photographic gems – edgy street art, architectural delights, botanical treasures and, of course, stunning sunsets on sandy shores. Here are the 11 most popular spots for photography in the city of angels.

  1. The Art District

los angeles art districtA once derelict neighborhood of abandoned warehouses and factories, this downtown quarter has been reinvented as a base for many creative studios and businesses. Massive street murals and graffiti lend the area a chic feel and form the perfect backdrop for – or subject of – photography.

  1. Melrose alleys and boutique

melrose alleys los anglelesWhen visiting the Melrose area, duck into the alleys leading off the main street for a glimpse – and shots – of stunning graffiti and street art. Even the world-famous Banksy has worked his magic on the walls along those alleys. The boutiques dotting the area are famous for their whimsy and make interesting subjects for photographers.

  1. The Huntington Library

hungtington libraryThe main library and art center buildings are impressive architectural subjects, but it’s the vast botanical gardens around them that inspire photographers. Themed gardens – some with spectacular sculptures and pavilions – are popular among nature photographers.

  1. Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica PierA hive of activity any time of day, this iconic LA landmark is among the most photographed. Sun, surf and sand apart, the pier jutting into the Pacific is home to an amusement park and a host of restaurants.

  1. Venice Beach

venice beach los angelesThe palm-fringed, sandy shores of Venice Beach offer an opportunity to capture nature and shots of people enjoying the outdoors. The boardwalk, the skate park, handball courts and the famous Muscle Beach are big draws.

  1. Greystone Park

greystone mansion park los angelesThe immaculately landscaped gardens around Greystone Mansion are a tranquil escape from the bustle of Hollywood. Visitors cherish leisurely strolls around formal gardens, patios, terraces and fountains, every twist and turn revealing more inspiration for the photographer within. The park also has gorgeous views of the LA skyline.

  1. Solstice Canyon

solstice canyon malibuHiking through this trail in the Santa Monica Mountains reveals a slew of photographic treasures – foliage, waterfalls, ruins of a burned down ranch and (from the highest point) a view of the ocean.

  1. Paramount Ranch

paramount ranch malibuWell, you can’t – and perhaps shouldn’t – resist the appeal of showbiz altogether while in LA. At Paramount Ranch you can walk around elaborate sets for old films, especially Westerns. Use your filters to photograph these gems and produce sepia-toned images of the Wild West for your collection.

  1. Walter Pyramid

walter pyramid los angelesBe it the striking exterior structure or the high-octane action within its confines, Walter Pyramid is another favorite with visitors to LA. Home to an arena for basketball and volleyball games, this landmark never fails to thrill.

  1. Murphy Ranch Trail

Murphy Trail The trail around the ruins of Murphy Ranch has natural and architectural attractions. Several abandoned buildings are now covered in colorful graffiti, making interesting subjects for the lens. The ranch’s intriguing history – it was reportedly home to a Nazi sympathizer during World War II – adds to its allure.

  1. The Flower Fields

Flower fields in CarlsbadThe vast fields of blooms in Carlsbad are every nature photographer’s dream. Walking through the riot of colors by the ocean is an unparalleled feeling and capturing those images for posterity a very rewarding experience.

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Check List For Wedding Photography



Getting Ready For the Wedding…

These shots should include people who are with the bride and groom as they prepare for the most important day of their lives. For example, you may be able to get a shot of the brides mother doing her hair or makeup. A shot like that will be cherished by both the bride and her mother.

The Outside Of The Church…

Many churches are absolutely beautiful. Be sure to get several images from several different angles. A good church shot could be framed and put on the wall with the couples other wedding photos.

The Pastor…

You’ll want to get a good shot of the pastor. It’s important for couples to have a nice picture of who married them, especially if the pastor is someone they are close to.


The Groom…

The Groom is going to be standing there, waiting for his love to walk down the isle. He is going to have all sorts of facial expressions. Capture them all.

The Bridesmaids and the Best Man…

Take individual shots of each of them, and also a bunch of group shots where they can all be seen standing with the groom.

The Ring Bearer and the Flower Girl…

The flower girl and the ring bearing are usually children. Take many pictures of these two little people. Get down on you knees for some of the shots for amazing photos.

The Bride…

She’ll come walking down the isle on the arm of the man who is giving her away. This is a very important moment for the bride and it should be captured well. This is also a great time to sneak a few shots of the look on the grooms face when he sees her in her dress.

Taking Vows…

The bride will walk up to the groom. Get several shots when she reaches him. Take several shots of them speaking to eachother. You will catch all sorts of different facial expressions and smiles.

The Kiss…

Once the vows are spoken the bride and groom kiss. They are husband and wife. Get several shots of the kiss.

 wedding kiss photo los angeles

Walking Out of the Church…

Many times guests will throw rice at the bride and groom as they walk out of the church. Try to get images that capture every step they take, rice and all.

The Limo…

If the couple you are shooting for has a limo be sure to get several shots of it. The couple will want to remember it, both inside and out.

The Decorations…

Couples and their families often put a lot of time and effort into decorating the church and reception hall. Be sure to get several photos, from all different angles, of the decorations.

The Cake…

The wedding cake is also a very special part of the wedding. Take several shots of the cake itself, of the bride and groom cutting the cake, and of them feeding the cake to each other.


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Newborn Photography Ideas



Newborn babies are not only adorable, they are very photogenic. Since they sleep most of the time, they can be placed in numerous kinds of great positions. With this in mind, anyone who is involved in the shoot can add value to the pictures that will be taken. However, the shoots will go much smoother and easier, if the poses that the mom and dad wants has been pre-determined before arriving at the photographer’s studio.

Use a theme

Some parents may want to start with a photo of their baby wrapped in their first blankets because they make wonderful memories that they can look by on many years later. Even when the child is grown, they can tell the story of who gave them the blanket or where it was originally from. Regardless to the circumstances, one of the best things about taking pictures is the family can help to tell different types of interesting stories.

Creative Backdrops

Another great photo idea for many newborns is setting the stage with a backdrop. The backdrop that the parent chooses can be diverse since it helps with making the photo for the newborn both interesting, and it helps to provoke other great ideas. Because of the technology that is available today, people can create their own backdrops. Some of which will help to feature the newborn on the beach or with the parents favorite special phrases that surround their head. In cases where the mother pictures their child as royalty, the backdrop that they use may be from a Victorian era. So, it is important for people to know what they want before they begin.

Get Input from the Photographer

Because professional photographers are great with their jobs, they can also offer some innovative ideas to the family as well. The ideas that they offer may come from other successful newborn photo shoots. Therefore, people should make sure that they get the input that they need before and after they get there. For instance, some families have had very creative pictures of their newborns laying in the lap of their favorite movie star.

Taking pictures of any newborn can be an awesome experience. Specifically, for the parents who dare to be creative. From wrapping the baby in their first blanket to setting the stage with innovative backdrops, there is a lot that can be done to take memorable shots that people will talk about for years to come.

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Top Luxury Wedding Venues in Los Angeles



California is a beautiful and very popular place for almost any type of occasion. From gorgeous hills to the stunning blue of the ocean, the golden state has just so much to offer. So if you are looking for a luxurious venue for your wedding, then look no further than Los Angeles.

The Beverly Hills Hotel:


The Beverly Hills hotel is known for its elegance and wonderful qualities of luxury. As a five-star hotel you can expect every little thing to be taken care of by the hotels wonderful staff, no expense is spared for the guests at this oasis. Set in the middle of one of the most exciting cities in the world, anything you want to do is just a small trip away. The hotel itself is set on 12 acres of lush and exotic gardens, with 26,800 square feet at your disposal there are very few things you couldn’t do with your reception. As a five-star hotel you can expect nothing but the best in culinary expertise for your wedding and honeymoon, as the menu is as extensive as any catering service. This full wedding package also includes complimentary champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. This hotel is truly a wonderful place for any reception or honeymoon.

Vibiana Cathedral:


If romance on your wedding day is what you are looking for, then you may not need to look much further. Vibiana is an elegantly restored, 130-year-old baroque-inspired cathedral, that is not only breathtaking, but beautiful and spacious as well. Luxury is what many have described this cathedral as, with 35,000 square feet of beauty, this wedding space can be hard to beat. Full of opulent gardens and century old columns, it’s hard to walk ten feet without wanting to stop and admire its elegance and grandeur. The full space is acutely tailored to each occasion, and the whole of Vibiana is at your fingertips. From the entrance to the courtyard, you will never forget this magnificent place.

Terranea Resort:


The Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes in L.A. is one of the premier spots to vacation, have a wedding reception, and your honeymoon. 102 acres of resort offer exciting and memorable activities, all day, everyday. With breathtaking 270 degree wraparound views, this resort offers something that few other places do, an ocean surrounding on three sides of the resort. So wherever you are, you can almost bet you’ll have a wonderful view of the big blue, and a spectacular view of Catalina Island in the distance. Even the smallest accommodations can be set up and arranged, with award-winning culinary services, and versatile indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception venues Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes is a must on luxury wedding venues.

Los Angeles has hundreds of amazing places within it, the venues listed above are just the top rated and highly recommended ones. There are several other venues that would also be a great place to hold a reception or honeymoon. However these ones are unforgettable and are guaranteed to offer an amazing wedding ceremony and catering like few others can. They truly are the most luxurious places in all of L.A.

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3 Family Portrait Ideas



Long gone are the days of the stiff family photographs. These formal and stuffy poses are now a thing of the past. People are much more into the idea of capturing their lives in the moment. They want to have evidence of real and genuine events as they are taking place–candid photos. The best way to capture these moments is to set up a session that photographs your family when they are relaxed or especially engaged in an activity. Lets take a moment to discuss three family photo ideas.

Explore Family Hobbies

People are usually both engaged and relaxed when it comes to their hobbies. Choose something that your entire family loves to do together. Maybe its fishing, cooking or even working on a car. Its in these moments that everyone will let their guards down and their true personalities will begin to shine through, which translates well in photos. It will tell a story about each relationship within your family based on your interactions. The family can go about these activities as if the camera is not even there–no poses necessary, which is great if you have smaller children.

Move Around

Consider going to a park or the beach–any place that will allow for a lot of movement and playfulness. Sometimes the best way to relax is to have a little fun. This makes your session even more spontaneous and the smiles will be even brighter. Try running and jumping together or tossing a ball around. These actions will serve as a connection and demonstrates your family bond.


Displays Of Affection

Affection can create very endearing photos. Ask the child to give their dad a kiss on the cheek. Ask the mom to give her toddler a tight cheek to cheek hug. Encourage the big brother to rub his nose against his baby brother’s forehead and watch them both laugh together. Ask the entire family to form a chain by holding hands. These seemingly small interactions can leave a big impression on photos. They really allow emotions to shine through.

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Wedding Picture Ideas in Los Angeles

los angeles museum of art

Congratulations!! You’re getting married and the fun begins. Ask for as much help as you need and say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as much as you can. Stating exactly what you want and don’t want makes it an easy job for the planners, and the easier the happier.

The wedding pictures is a ‘your choice’ event that has so many simple options. Photographers are happy to accommodate any and all ideas, especially if you know them. Be yourself, be in the moment, have fun and pick a location that makes you feel.


An idea for wedding pictures is a beautiful fountain. They stand majestically strong and magical!

At the port of LA are the Fanfare Fountains at the Gateway Plaza. The fountains are arranged to form a sailboat. Streams of water burst out in sync 100 feet high and at night are showcased by a fantastic light show. The architects created a 12 foot walkway for visitors to experience a feeling of walking through water. The landscape is quite tropical, any angle in this scenery will be sure to give you a great wedding picture.


The William J. Mulholland Memorial Fountain is very popular as it sits across from Griffith Park! Families take time out from their busy schedules to enjoy fun with the family at the park. Kids love the merry-go-round, ponies and who doesn’t like to ride the train! The Fountain is located right across the street from the park which makes it the first stop to take a breather. The grounds are very well landscaped with every corner being perfect for a picture. The Fountain is often said to ‘relax and calm the soul’, it’s excellent for wedding pictures.


A breathtaking background for all your wedding pictures is the Michael Juliano Exposition Park Rose Garden and Fountain. The outside gardens flourish with beautiful flowers and greenery. There’s a walkway throughout for visitors to stop and take pictures. To make your photos unique and fun, take them in the ‘Butterfly Garden’. The fountain brings you closer and closer to admire its’ beauty, great for pictures.

Michael Juliano Exposition Park Rose Garden and Fountain


The Gate to Los Angeles River is one of the best landmarks for taking scenic pictures. It’s a large iron work of art with a huge sun created in the middle patiently waiting for all to walk through it. So surreal, this would be an excellent photo opportunity.

la river gate

The Los Angeles Museum of Arts has on display and visible to everyone as they pass, 200 glowing lamp posts from the 1920’s perfectly in line. Traffic actually slows down to take it all in. I can’t imagine how beautiful wedding pictures would be from here. A picture doesn’t get any better than this!

LA is filled with public street art and is a very popular way to keep the city bright and beautiful. Inspiring works of art are spread throughout the city calling to the citizens. Artists thrive in this cultural city because the community loves to keep it real.

los angeles museum of art

Be spontaneous and start making your wedding memories today.

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How Much Tip Are You Suppose To Give To Wedding Staff?



Tipping in general represents something of a complicated social standard. Tipping waiters is generally regarded as expected, and there’s something of a hierarchy involved when it comes to tipping standards. Tips represent a certain percentage of the bill, and giving a tip that’s over fifteen percent of the cost of the bill is widely regarded as positive. It should be noted that failing to tip most members of the wedding staff is not going to represent a breach of etiquette that’s on the same level as failing to tip a waiter, but there are still certain conventions involved.

The delivery and set-up staff should be tipped if they did a great job, and giving each person between $5 – $10 upon delivery is a good idea. When it comes to the reception and catering staff, as well as the transportation staff, gratuity may already be included. However, if there is no gratuity that has already been offered, giving these staff members tips of 15% – 20% at the reception or after the final ride is a good idea. Tipping the hair and makeup staff is one of the most clear-cut cases at the wedding: it is necessary to give them tips of 15% – 20% percent after the styling process is complete.

Giving tips to the wedding planner, the photographer, or the staff that’s recording the wedding videos can be actively offensive if these individuals own their respective businesses, but it can be a nice gesture if they don’t. Giving 15% of the fee will work. Tipping the officiant can also be a random act of kindness. Tips for the DJ, the band, or the ceremony musicians are not required, but giving each music professional around $25 dollars can still be a friendly gesture.

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