Portrait Photographer in L.A.

For individuals, a good portrait can completely redefine how you feel about your Facebook or Linked in profile. If you’re single, consider a photo session to help strengthen an OK Cupid, Match.com, or eHarmony profile. We’re wedding photographers at The Good Photographer, so we have a serious vested interest in getting you hooked up with someone hot that you’ll want to marry!

We have several clients that need portrait photography for groups. Real estate and sales offices rely on great photos to get them not just noticed, but also remembered by the prospects they work so hard to find when they’re networking and passing out cards. Have a professional take that portrait of you, so that the people you’re reaching out to know that you’re serious about what you do!


Corporate clients need good photography of their company’s Officers and Board of Directors. These positions can move around quite a bit from year to year, so scheduling an annual session is a great idea to make sure there are fresh new and accurate photos of everyone in the company.


As more and more of our interactions with each other go online it is essential we have high quality digital photographs available to promote yourself. If you’re a performing artist- model, musician, or actor for example- you absolutely need great and current images of yourself. The competition is fierce, and the help of a great photographer to help you present the most optimum version of yourself for work is valuable.


Portrait photography can be one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your family. We often live completely absorbed in what we’re doing and where we’re headed next, and often disregard the present moment. Who we are and what we have right now sometimes gets overlooked as being unimportant in the overall scheme of things.

But it’s not. When you look back at photos of yourself when you were younger, or maybe mom and dad when they were kids, just know that those photographs were probably taken on a day, very much like today. I’m certain you or they were surrounded by concerns about what needed to be done and not really thinking or projecting about what the impact of the photos they were taking right there and then would have years later; as your child flips through a family album, or as those images are appearing in the slide show of your special event.

As children grow faster than weeds, an Annual Family Portrait is a great way to string all those timeless moments together in a meaningful way. Whether you want to coordinate the looks of all your family members for a great shot at the beach, mountains or local park, or maybe just photograph a Day in the Life story of your family right in your home, think about putting these into an annual family photo album, or something amazing to display in your home as wall art. Let’s not forget to include some shots of the other important members of the family like your pets!

If you’ve never had your portraits professionally taken, you’re not alone. But once you’ve been lucky enough to enjoy the experience with The Good Photographer, you may consider booking a session for yourself or your family every year!

The key to great portrait photography is to have a photographer that can make you feel perfectly relaxed and create images that reflect accurately the spirit and personality of you and your family. We’re talking about images where you don’t look uncomfortable, or are trying too hard to force a smile. We certainly want to avoid those shots looking directly into the camera where you might look like a deer in headlights about to get run over.

How is this possible, you ask? I have no idea what to do except feel uncomfortable and look into the camera! My photos are going to look awful!

That’s not true at all. There are many reasons why terrible portraits are taken all the time, but there’s no reason they should be.

Your portrait photographer should be intimately familiar with his camera and lighting. What will make you feel uncomfortable is watching someone new, fiddling with their camera while you’re waiting. We all get impatient and uncomfortable while waiting- worse, think about those unbelievably uncomfortable moments just before a dentist gives you a shot! One client had such a poor experience with a previous studio he had hired, that he he’d rather go to his dentist than have his photos taken!

As professional photographers that know our cameras, everything is all set to go before we get started. We “see” the final photographs before our cameras are even pressed up against our eyes. That’s right! Even before we’re looking through our lenses, we’re pre-visualizing the final piece of art on the wall, or a layout in a family album.

You might think that we’re just talking and laughing together getting something set up. But it’s really more than that, and that’s why you are hiring a professional. We may be chatting but we’re measuring the intensity and quality of light. How much is there? Which direction is it coming from? Is there enough light for everyone? Is it soft enough for this portrait of this mother and baby? Is it edgy enough for this actor’s headshot?

All of these things are running though our minds at 1,000 mph. And when everything is set, you may not even see the first shots as the camera raises so quickly and fires you have no idea what happened.

It can take a while to develop a rhythm shooting a portrait session, but that’s grown between the photographer and the subject as it progresses. What’s key here is that there isn’t a dead silence between photographer and subject during the session. That’s awkward and will just kill the results.

In it’s place, a nice back and forth of what the photographer is seeing and what you as the client can do is exactly the recipe for success.  We’re not talking about posing from a manual, but just simple easy to follow instructions that your photographer gives you that are easy to do that result in warm, natural looking results that you will love.